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PHP Pivot Tables for Excel - Lite

PHPOffice/PhpSpreadsheet is a great project to read and write Excel workbook but it does not support some Excel features such as Tables and Pivot Tables. This project extends PhpSpreadsheet by adding support for pivot tables but only in a limited way.

What is supported?

This project ensures that existing pivot tables are retained and allows pivot tables to be created to report on data in worksheets.
The rows and columns can be defined based on columns in the worksheet and they can be filtered and sorted. Only Xlsx/Xlsm files are supported.

What is not supported?

The pivot table features not supported include:

  • External data sources
  • Styling
  • Hierarchies
  • Formulas
  • File types other than Xlsx

However, there is no reason why support for these features cannot be added and the project shows how additional features can be implemented.


Use composer with the command:

composer require lyquidity/php-pivottables-4-excel-lite:dev-master --prefer-dist

Getting started

The ./examples/example.php file includes illustrations of using the classes.

Assuming you have installed the library using composer then this PHP application will run the test:

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/lyquidity/php-pivottables-4-excel-lite/examples/example.php';

The examples use the following simple data set:

Account Genre Images Average Ranking Total Size
Megan Portraits 20 4 72000
Hannah Landscapes 31 3.5 83000
Vicky Floral 25 4.2 42000
Ian Portraits 40 3.7 92000
Michael Landscapes 23 3.8 72000
Daniel Landscapes 29 4.4 85000

Overridden Classes

To implement support for pivot tables it has been necessary to override 5 classes:

Class Reason
Spreadsheet Extends the PhpSpreadsheet class to add functions that carry forward existing pivot tables and add new ones. Only addData and addNewPivotTable should be called from your code. The class also maintains a list of the cache definitions, record sets and pivot table definitions.
XlsxReader Registered by the replacement spreadsheet class to handle reading Xlsx documents so that existing pivot table resources can be recorded in a spreadsheet class instance. The whole XlsxReader class is replicated because it relies on private functions that cannot be called from descendant instances.
XlsxWriter Registered by the replacement spreadsheet class to handle writing Xlsx documents so that pivot table resources recorded in a spreadsheet class instance can be included in the generated package file. The whole XlsxWriter class is replicated because it relies on private functions that cannot be called from descendant instances.
Rels Add support for the relationships required for pivot table support. WriteRelationship and writeUnparsedRelationship are reimplemented because they are private in the parent Rels class and cannot be called from this claSS.
Workbook This class is replaced so the element can be written. The whole class is reimplemented because all the functions are private so it is not possible to replace just one.

New classes

In addition eight new classes are added:

Class Reason
PivotCacheDefinition Used to represent a cache definition file in the workbook document
PivotCacheDefinitionCollection Represents the list of existing and new cache definition files
PivotCacheRecords Represents one of the cache records files in the workbook document
PivotCacheRecordsCollection Represents the list of existing and new cache records files
PivotTable Used to represent a pivot table definition file in the workbook document
PivotTableCollection Represents the list of existing and new pivot table definition files
Group Represents a specfic column, row or value field from the data set and is used to define the use of the field in the pivot table. The class defines the field name, the sort order and any filter applied.
Groups Represents a collection of Group instances to build up the fields use for rows, columns and values
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