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Awesome Open Source

Ethereum Auction dApp (Solidity + Truffle + React)

Check out my tutorial on Medium that explains the contracts that power this app.

This is a simple auction platform. You can create new auctions, set start and end times (and a bid increment), bid using ETH, and withdraw funds.

I used ConsenSys's truffle-webpack-demo as a starting point, because there's quite a bit of boilerplate required between the various libraries used here.


The Web3 RPC location will be picked up from the truffle.js file.

  1. Clone this repo
  2. npm install
  3. Make sure testrpc is running on its default port. Then:
  • npm run start - Starts the development server
  • npm run build - Generates a build
  • truffle test - Run the rest suite (there are no tests at the moment)

If you npm run start, the app will be available at http://localhost:3001.

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