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Capture the Flag competitions measure and test one's knowledge base in many aspects of information security: cryptography, stego, binary analysis, reverse engeneering, mobile security, and others. This repository details various competitions I've participated in and rank achieved.

1. National Cyber League - Fall 2019 (Team Game)

  • [ ] Summary: The NCL games pit competitors against real-world scenarios. This was my first season participating in the NCLs. My Preseason and Individual game performance placed me into the Silver rank. I formed a team composed of both Silver and Bronze players, and we named ourselves LeBronze James. As Team Captain, I strategized by having Bronze players focus on Easy challenges and modules. The Silver players and myself tackled Medium and Hard modules that required a stronger foundational knowledge of pentesting.
    • Silver Bracket Ranking: 1st / 242
    - Overall Ranking: 32nd / 689

2. Codepath CTF

  • [ ] Summary: Codepath provides college courses created and endorsed by top industry professionals. Their cybersecurity curriculum focused on developing defensive applications, with the CTF challenges providing hands-on practice of exploiting webapp vulnerabilities.
    • Overall Ranking: 2nd / 277

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Ranking (2,721
Mobile Security (110