Marine biology image database by CEBIMar/USP
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👩‍💻👨‍💻 Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools. They include everything you should know in one single file.
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Open-source cron job and background task monitoring service, written in Python & Django
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Self hosted FLOSS fitness/workout, nutrition and weight tracker written with Django
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Django tenants using PostgreSQL Schemas
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Database security suite. Database proxy with field-level encryption, search through encrypted data, SQL injections prevention, intrusion detection, honeypots. Supports client-side and proxy-side ("transparent") encryption. SQL, NoSQL.
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A curated database of insecure Python packages
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A django website used in the book Practical Recommender Systems to illustrate how recommender algorithms can be implemented.
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mail queuing and management for the Django web framework
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Mask your objects instead of deleting them from your database.
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🌊 Cifonauta, an image database for marine biology

The Cifonauta database aims to showcase the outstanding biodiversity in our seas and oceans. We host thousands of photos and videos of marine organismsfrom the common creatures you spot on the beach to the rarest forms only visible under the microscope. The images were made by scientists during their research, and are annotated with accurate scientific information, such as taxonomic classification, geolocation, habitat, life stage, size, and links to primary literature. You can search for your favorite organism or enjoy a curated journey through the diversity of marine larvae or gelatinous creatures in our thematic tours. All the content is available under a Creative Commons license.

Explore the marine biodiversity at


The Cifonauta database was created and launched in 2011 by Bruno C. Vellutini and Alvaro E. Migotto from the Center for Marine Biology of the University of So Paulo (CEBIMar/USP) with funding from the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), Call MCT/CNPq N42/2007, Process 551951/2008-7.

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