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Steamworks support for Defold using the Defold extension system


You can use Steamworks in your own project by adding this project as a Defold library dependency. Open your game.project file and in the dependencies field under project add:

Or point to the ZIP file of a specific release.

App ID

The Steamworks API will not initialize if it does not know the App ID of your game. When you launch your app from Steam itself then it will automatically have the App ID available. While developing you will need to hint this to Steam with a text file. Create the a text file called steam_appid.txt next to your executable containing just the App ID and nothing else. This overrides the value that Steam provides. You should not ship this with your builds.


Basic example

function init(self)

	steamworks.set_listener(function(self, event, data)
		if event == "UserStatsReceived_t" then
			print("Got user stats")

	local user_id = steamworks.user_get_steam_id()

function final(self)

function update(self, dt)

Using the SteamAPI

The extension exposes most of the Steamworks functionality through an auto-generated API. Refer to the API Overview for a list of all generated functions, constants and callbacks.

NOTE: Please create a ticket if there's an unsupported API that you need!

Naming convention

Function names are converted to snake case using the following convention:

SteamMatchmaking()->GetLobbyDataByIndex() -> steamworks.matchmaking_get_lobby_data_by_index()
SteamNetworking()->IsP2PPacketAvailable() -> steamworks.networking_is_p2p_packet_available()

Generating the API

The API is generated from the steam_api.json which is part of the Steamworks SDK. The generator is written in Python using a Mustache template, and extension.mtl respectively. The script requires pystache (install using pip install pystache). Some minor alterations have been made to the steam_api.json definition file.

Example app

Refer to the examples folder for an Defold application that showcases the use of many parts of the API. Build the example app from Defold and run it from the command line using one of, and run_x86_64-win32.bat.

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