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super-hacker is a CLI application that will output beautifully written code to your terminal allowing you to astound your friends and family. By default, the output buffer is set to 3 but is overridable. To quit, press esc or ctrl-c.


super-hacker with no flags runs with Go as the default language and an output buffer of 3 bytes.

$ super-hacker

super-hacker with the l flag runs it with the given language. See the "Supported Languages" section below.

$ super-hacker -l python

super-hacker with the b flag runs it with the output buffer set to the given value.

$ super-hacker -b 16

Supported Languages

  • Go
  • C
  • Python
  • Scala
  • Haskell
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Rockstar
  • Ruby
  • CoffeeScript


Binary releases can be obtained from the releases section of the repository. To build, issue make. This will build a binary for your platform. The binary will be put into a bin directory in the repository. After either installation, you'll want to copy the binary into your path.

Adding More Languages and Templates

To add a new language to super-hacker, create a directory named after the language you're adding in the templates directory. In there, add a file to hold the code. In that file, create a Go const that is exported from that new language package and paste in the code. Make sure to include license headers if available. If a license is needed, link to it in a comment in the file. It's preferred to include a link to the source of the code if it's not yours.

In template.go, add a new slice and reference the newly created constant. Next, add an entry in the switch statement in the Random(lang string) function.


Please feel free to open a PR!


SuperHacker source code is available under the BSD 3 clause License.



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