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Awesome Open Source


This is a sample of my iOS experience. The two apps included here, Dynamic Type Visualization and View Controller Lifecycle and Collection View Methods, are apps I've used for learning iOS development features and for faster prototyping. They're more like sample code I've made for myself than apps made for distribution. Other developers are welcome to use them for their own practice. See the readmes included with each of these apps for more specifics on them.

The actual app I'm working on, which internally I refer to as Patterns (I don't have a final name yet), is in-progress. The app allows the user to easily create geometric abstract art, which is made up of squares, rectangles, lines, circles, and other shapes. I've included screenshots that show what the user can create and the types of controls the user has. Many properties of the art created can be adjusted, such as size, spacing, and colors. The drawing is currently implemented with UIBezierPath, but I'm currently working on rewriting the implementation using Metal so I can give the user more flexibility in what can be created - for example, making the lines not perfectly straight or allowing the color to bleed over between the shapes. All screenshots in Patterns are from the UIBezierPath implementation unless noted as from the Metal implementation. See the Patterns README for more information.

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