Browse Spotify for tabs from Songsterr! | /ERN
Alternatives To Songsterify
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2 months agomitJavaScript
🔇 Mutes audio ads on Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL and IDAGIO.
10 years agoJavaScript
A proof-of-concept Spotify app which shows tabs/chords for the currently playing song.
Spotify Control Chrome Extension18
9 months ago3apache-2.0JavaScript
Spotify Web Player Control
Spotify Clone8
5 years ago2mitPHP
Working Version of Full Stack Spotify Clone
6 years agomitPython
5 years agomitSwift
Custom UITabBarController to mimick apple music or spotify audio playback bar
5 years agoJavaScript
A Chrome Extension to mute Chrome browser when spotify web player tab plays ads
3 years ago9JavaScript
Browse Spotify for tabs from Songsterr! | /ERN
Listen To This2
5 years agoJavaScript
4 years ago1JavaScript
Spotify + Tabs
Alternatives To Songsterify
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Coverage Status E2E

Songsterify combines Songsterr and Spotify to make it easy to find new songs to play!

Browse your favourite playlists / albums and discover tabs that you did not know exist.





KEY VALUE Required
PORT 3003 Yes
CLIENT_ID You can get this value from Spotify Dashboard Yes
CLIENT_SECRET You can get this value from Spotify Dashboard Yes
CALLBACK It must point to client /callback/, you also need to set this in Spotify Dashboard Yes


KEY VALUE Required
REACT_APP_DEV_CALLBACK Same as above, and in Spotify Dashboard Yes

Installing dependencies

From root npm install then cd client and npm install.

Running development mode

From root npm run start then cd client and npm run start

Development client should start in port 3000, and server in port 3003.


From root cd client then npm run build. You can view the built app with npm run start from root.



KEY VALUE Required
refreshToken You can get this from your cookie after logging in Yes

Running tests

Without coverage and with servers running you can npx cypress open.

If you want coverage, you need to run servers with different commands.

From root npm run start:coverage then again in root npm run start-ci.

Now if you run tests with npx cypress open, there will be coverage report in ./coverage/ , which you can open with browser. Alternatively you can run npm run report:coverage:text

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