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The embiggen-disk tool live-resizes a filesystem after first live-resizing any necessary layers below it: an optional LVM LV and PV, and an MBR or GPT partition table.


# embiggen-disk /
Changes made:
  * partition /dev/sda3: before: 8442546176 sectors, after: 8444643328 sectors
  * LVM PV /dev/sda3: before: sectors=8442544128, after: sectors=8444641280
  * LVM LV /dev/mapper/debvg-root: before: sectors=8442544128, after: sectors=8444641280
  * ext4 filesystem at /: before: 1038833256 blocks, after: 1039091312 blocks

Then again:

# embiggen-disk /
No changes made.


With Go 1.15 and earlier:

$ go get

With Go 1.16+:

$ go install[email protected]


It's only been tested on 64-bit x86 Linux ("amd64"). It should work on other Linux architectures.


Audit the code and/or snapshot your disk before use if you're worried about losing data.

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