Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Collection of various documents, python scripts, solidity modules, and more that I regularily use for my own development, or when working on projects for clients.

Overtime I'll be building up this repository to serve as a resource for Solidity, and Ethereum Blockchain developerment, as quite frankly, there's not a lot of useful resources out there and what is useful, is often hard to track down.

Use at your own risk. Nothing in here is guaranteed to be in working order at any particular point in time unless otherwise EXPLICITLY stated in the source code.

Deployed Contract



  • BigInts
  • SafeMath (both signed and unsigned integer versions)
  • "Random" Number Generator (not intended for use in lotteries, gambling contracts, etc.. see code for more details)

Contract Control

  • Administration (allows delegating moderators, and administrators)
  • SafetyControls (allows you to pause, start, stop, etc.. contracts)


  • ERC20 + Custom Addition (burn, freeze, etc) interface
  • Upgradeable Token Library


  • Deploying bytecode contracts
  • Watching Tokens

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