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Jenkins API Client for Go

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Jenkins is the most popular Open Source Continuous Integration system. This Library will help you interact with Jenkins in a more developer-friendly way.

These are some of the features that are currently implemented:

  • Get information on test-results of completed/failed build
  • Ability to query Nodes, and manipulate them. Start, Stop, set Offline.
  • Ability to query Jobs, and manipulate them.
  • Get Plugins, Builds, Artifacts, Fingerprints
  • Validate Fingerprints of Artifacts
  • Get Current Queue, Cancel Tasks
  • etc. For all methods go to GoDoc Reference.


go get


import (

ctx := context.Background()
jenkins := gojenkins.CreateJenkins(nil, "http://localhost:8080/", "admin", "admin")
// Provide CA certificate if server is using self-signed certificate
// caCert, _ := ioutil.ReadFile("/tmp/ca.crt")
// jenkins.Requester.CACert = caCert
_, err := jenkins.Init(ctx)

if err != nil {
  panic("Something Went Wrong")

job := jenkins.GetJobObj(ctx, "#jobname")
queueid, err := jenkins.InvokeSimple(ctx, params)
if err != nil {
build, err := jenkins.GetBuildFromQueueID(ctx, job, queueid)
if err != nil {

// Wait for build to finish
for build.IsRunning(ctx) {
  time.Sleep(5000 * time.Millisecond)

fmt.Printf("build number %d with result: %v\n", build.GetBuildNumber(), build.GetResult())

API Reference:


For all of the examples below first create a jenkins object

import ""

jenkins, _ := gojenkins.CreateJenkins(nil, "http://localhost:8080/", "admin", "admin").Init(ctx)

or if you don't need authentication:

jenkins, _ := gojenkins.CreateJenkins(nil, "http://localhost:8080/").Init(ctx)

you can also specify your own http.Client (for instance, providing your own SSL configurations):

client := &http.Client{ ... }
jenkins, := gojenkins.CreateJenkins(client, "http://localhost:8080/").Init(ctx)

By default, gojenkins will use the http.DefaultClient if none is passed into the CreateJenkins() function.

Check Status of all nodes

nodes := jenkins.GetAllNodes(ctx)

for _, node := range nodes {

  // Fetch Node Data
	if node.IsOnline(ctx) {
		fmt.Println("Node is Online")

Get all Builds for specific Job, and check their status

jobName := "someJob"
builds, err := jenkins.GetAllBuildIds(ctx, jobName)

if err != nil {

for _, build := range builds {
  buildId := build.Number
  data, err := jenkins.GetBuild(ctx, jobName, buildId)

  if err != nil {

	if "SUCCESS" == data.GetResult(ctx) {
		fmt.Println("This build succeeded")

// Get Last Successful/Failed/Stable Build for a Job
job, err := jenkins.GetJob(ctx, "someJob")

if err != nil {


Get Current Tasks in Queue, and the reason why they're in the queue

tasks := jenkins.GetQueue(ctx)

for _, task := range tasks {

Create View and add Jobs to it

view, err := jenkins.CreateView(ctx, "test_view", gojenkins.LIST_VIEW)

if err != nil {

status, err := view.AddJob(ctx, "jobName")

if status != nil {
  fmt.Println("Job has been added to view")

Create nested Folders and create Jobs in them

// Create parent folder
pFolder, err := jenkins.CreateFolder(ctx, "parentFolder")
if err != nil {

// Create child folder in parent folder
cFolder, err := jenkins.CreateFolder(ctx, "childFolder", pFolder.GetName())
if err != nil {

// Create job in child folder
configString := `<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
  <scm class="hudson.scm.NullSCM"/>
  <triggers class="vector"/>

job, err := jenkins.CreateJobInFolder(ctx, configString, "jobInFolder", pFolder.GetName(), cFolder.GetName())
if err != nil {

if job != nil {
	fmt.Println("Job has been created in child folder")

Get All Artifacts for a Build and Save them to a folder

job, _ := jenkins.GetJob(ctx, "job")
build, _ := job.GetBuild(ctx, 1)
artifacts := build.GetArtifacts(ctx)

for _, a := range artifacts {

To always get fresh data use the .Poll() method

job, _ := jenkins.GetJob(ctx, "job")

build, _ := job.getBuild(ctx, 1)


go test


All Contributions are welcome. The todo list is on the bottom of this README. Feel free to send a pull request.


Although the basic features are implemented there are many optional features that are on the todo list.

  • Kerberos Authentication
  • CLI Tool
  • Rewrite some (all?) iterators with channels


Apache License 2.0

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