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A PHP static code analysis library implemented in Typescript. A PHP language server implementation powered by this library can be found here.

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Design Goals

  • Support features defined by the Language Server Protocol.
  • High performance for real-time analysis of source code within an IDE.
  • Modern browser and nodejs compatibility.


export declare namespace Intelephense {
    function onDiagnosticsStart(fn: (uri: string) => void): void;
    function onPublishDiagnostics(fn: (args: PublishDiagnosticsEventArgs) => void): void;
    function initialise(): void;
    function setDiagnosticsProviderDebounce(value: number): void;
    function setDiagnosticsProviderMaxItems(value: number): void;
    function setCompletionProviderMaxItems(value: number): void;
    function openDocument(textDocument: lsp.TextDocumentItem): void;
    function closeDocument(textDocument: lsp.TextDocumentIdentifier): void;
    function editDocument(textDocument: lsp.VersionedTextDocumentIdentifier, contentChanges: lsp.TextDocumentContentChangeEvent[]): void;
    function documentSymbols(textDocument: lsp.TextDocumentIdentifier): lsp.SymbolInformation[];
    function workspaceSymbols(query: string): lsp.SymbolInformation[];
    function provideCompletions(textDocument: lsp.TextDocumentIdentifier, position: lsp.Position): lsp.CompletionList;
    function provideSignatureHelp(textDocument: lsp.TextDocumentIdentifier, position: lsp.Position): lsp.SignatureHelp;
    function provideDefinition(textDocument: lsp.TextDocumentIdentifier, position: lsp.Position): lsp.Location;
    function discover(textDocument: lsp.TextDocumentItem): number;
    function forget(uri: string): number;
    function numberDocumentsOpen(): number;
    function numberDocumentsKnown(): number;
    function numberSymbolsKnown(): number;

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