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You think there is no place in code reviews to discuss about files naming conventions ? Impose consistent files and directories naming rules with flint: the filesystem linter.

  1. Installation
  2. Docker image
  3. Usage
  4. Configuration
  5. Available rules
  6. Available formatters
  7. License


Using go (nightly)

$ go get -u

Binary releases

Docker image



Go to your project's root directory then

$ flint init # create a configuration file with default configuration
$ flint
# or cd my_directory && flint to lint only current directory and subfiles


Configuration is stored in a .flint.sane file at the root of your project (repo).

When runned, flint will recursively search upward for a configuraiton file, starting in the current directory.

$ cat .flint.sane
description = "This is a configuration file for flint, the filesystem linter. More information here:"
default_severity = "warning" # valid values are [off, warning, error]
error_exit_code = 1
warning_exit_code = 0
match_format = "blob" # match format for ignore_directories and ignore_files, valid values are [blob, regexp]

# you can ignore files and directories using glob or regexp syntax according to the configuration above
ignore_files = [".*", "vendor", "Gopkg.toml", "Gopkg.lock", "", "LICENSE"]
ignore_directories = [".*", "vendor"]

# define used rules
rules = {
  "dir/no_dot" = {}
  "file/lower_case_ext" = {}
  "file/no_multi_ext" = {}
  no_empty_name = {}
  no_leading_underscores = {}
  no_trailing_underscores = {}
  no_whitespaces = {}
  snake_case = {
    severity = "error"

Available rules

Name Description
dir/no_dot Disallows the usage of . in directory names.
file/lower_case_ext Files names should be lower cased.
file/no_multi_ext Disallows usage of multiple extensions in file names (eg. main.text.js).
no_empty_name Disallows usage of names which only contains whitespaces.
no_leading_underscores Disallows usage of leading underscores in names.
no_trailing_underscores Disallows usage of trailing underscores in names.
no_whitespaces Disallows usage of whitespaces in names.
snake_case Force names to respect the snake case convention (only lower cased alphanum and underscores).

Available formatters


Console formatter


Basic formatter


Json formatter


Ndson formatter


See LICENSE.txt and

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