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BlazingDocs Node.js client

High-performance document generation API. Generate documents and reports from СSV, JSON, XML with 99,9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring.


Using npm:

$ npm install blazingdocs

Integration basics


You can get your API Key at

const client = BlazingClient('API-KEY')

Getting account info

const account = await client.getAccount()

Getting merge templates list

const templates = await client.getTemplates()

Getting usage info

const usage = await client.getUsage()

Executing merge

const client = BlazingClient('API-KEY')

const data = readFileSync(__dirname + '/PO-Template-Array.json', 'utf8');

const parameters: MergeParameters = new MergeParameters();
parameters.sequence = true;

const readStream = createReadStream(__dirname + '/PO-Template-Array.docx');
const template: FormFile = new FormFile("PO-Template-Array.docx", readStream);

const operation = await client.mergeWithFormFile(data, "output.pdf", parameters, template)


See more details here

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