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ngc - New Go Command


ngc is an opinionated helper utility that creates some boilerplate for a new Go command or package.


  • HelloGopher - modified makefile inspired by Cloudflare's HelloGopher
  • goreleaser - release binaries to Github
  • Docker integration
  • Semantic Versions
  • Versioned Binaries with ldflags


Run ngc in an empty directory. IT WILL OVERWRITE THINGS RIGHT NOW In the future, it may move existing files or directories that would have been overwritten.

ngc will create:

  • Dockerfile for a project with appropriate settings for a Go command
  • Makefile suitable for any Go project. Based on a modified "HelloGopher" makefile by Cloudflare.
  • "main.go" with a Version and BuildTime variable that are populated by the makefile's build task.
  • .envrc - To use this install
  • .goreleaser.yml for releasing with goreleaser

Requirements and Notes

You'll need a Github Personal Access token to do releases.

Docker is required for Docker builds.

Doesn't work in Windows without make installed.


Start with an empty directory where you intend to build your project. This directory should be in your GOPATH.

After running ngc, your project will have a Makefile which has everything you need to get started.

Start with setup:

make setup

Make Targets

  • all - run test and build targets
  • bin/ - install coverage, deps, and imports helpers
  • build - make the target binary
  • clean - remove .GOPATH/*
  • cover - run coverage report
  • deps - run dep ensure to install dependencies
  • docker - build the docker image
  • format - format the source code
  • list - list build targets
  • setup - create the project structure and install tools
  • test - run tests
  • tags - list git tags
  • release - create a release from the currently tag

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