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Syntax highlighting for computational biology to bring you intuitively close to your data.

Support in vim, less, sublime3 & gedit for .sam, .flagstat, .vcf, .fasta, .fastq, .faidx, .clustal, .pdb, .gtf, .bed files & more.

We'd like to know how bioSyntax can be developed to help your workflow. Tell us what you think! (~5m)


bioSyntax integrates seamlessly with your text editor, recognizing data-type by the file extension or streamed into less.

To gain the most insight from your data, read our brief bioSyntax Manual.

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samtools view -h NA19238.bam | sam-less - sam-less


Dev Team: Artem Babaian | Dylan Aïssi | Anicet Ebou | Alyssa Fegen | Jeffrey Kam | Gherman Novakovskiy | Li Yao | Jasper Wong

Contact us: info[AT]

A hackseq17 Initiative.

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