Python SMTP Server for Humans
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21 days ago549cc0-1.0Python
Mail-in-a-Box helps individuals take back control of their email by defining a one-click, easy-to-deploy SMTP+everything else server: a mail server in a box.
Mailhog13,07269 days ago18September 29, 2021247mitGo
Web and API based SMTP testing
Mailcatcher6,0411,518165 months ago54August 04, 202341mitRuby
Catches mail and serves it through a dream.
9 days ago125otherPython
Insular email distribution - mail server as Docker images
Maddy4,54619 days ago42May 29, 202388gpl-3.0Go
✉️ Composable all-in-one mail server.
Papercut Smtp2,732
16 days ago48JavaScript
Papercut SMTP -- The Simple Desktop Email Server
Go Guerrilla2,6061156 months ago2December 28, 201958mitGo
Mini SMTP server written in golang
Smtp4dev2,558114 months ago69January 07, 202178bsd-3-clauseC#
smtp4dev - the fake smtp email server for development and testing
Padloc2,4773a day ago1November 14, 201984agpl-3.0JavaScript
A modern, open source password manager for individuals and teams.
Mail Server2,270
2 days ago57agpl-3.0Rust
Secure & Modern All-in-One Mail Server (IMAP, JMAP, SMTP)
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Readme SMTP Server for Humans

This is the simplest SMTP server you'll ever see. It's asynchronous.

One instance should handle over one thousand emails per second.


Give your app an inbox easily:

from inbox import Inbox

inbox = Inbox()

def handle(to, sender, subject, body):

# Bind directly.
inbox.serve(address='', port=4467)

You can also defer to the commandline:

if __name__ == '__main__':
$ 4467
[2012-04-28 07:31] INFO: inbox: Starting SMTP server at


Installing is simple:

$ pip install
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