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Blockchain.BigEarth is an open source Bitcoin Block explorer w/ bookmark manager and a BTC/USD exchange rate caclulator built on the Ruby on Rails web framework.

It is powered by 3rd party webservice calls and doesn't currently require a full bitcoin node though this could change in the future as the platform grows.

The idea was to make a quality block explorer that could be set up and deployed w/ very minimal work leaving developers cycles to spend on design and extension.

Running an instance

  1. First clone the repo
  • git clone
  1. Change into the new directory
  • cd
  1. Fire up a rails server
  • rails s
  1. Check out localhost:3000 to see your very own fully operation instance of Blockchain.BigEarth.

Bonus points

  • Use a prettier URL during development than localhost:3000 by adding the following to /etc/hosts on OS X or Linux

Launch your app on heroku

For this you'll need the Heroku Toolbelt

  1. Create a new heroku app
  • heroku create
  1. git push heroku master

Tech Stack

Bugs && Issues

Please file any bugs in the issues tracker. And of course pull requests are always encouraged and welcomed.


Any and all security issues should be reported immediately to gabr13l [at] bigearth [dot] io or @cgcardona.

Environment Variables

I'm using figaro to handle all app sensitive information. This includes:

  • API tokens
  • IP Addresses
  • User/Passwords
  • Secret Keys
  • Rails secret tokens


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