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Awesome Open Source


Some code to make stats tests and data exploration easy

  • load_all_functions.R : loads Bianx functions into inst/folder
  • basictemplate/ : a R template that can be modified to generate a report


  • correlation_lifestyle.R : correlation tests for multiple variables
  • chisquare_table_fn.R : chisquare function for multiple vars

Analysis snippets

  • categories_mutation.R : modifying and creating new human readable variables
  • mutated_lifestyle.R : modifying only lifestyle vars to create new ones
  • coverage_function.R : what is the coverage of a given variable?
  • count_tables_fn.R : % of a given variable (ie 54% of customers like dogs)


  • ggthemeR_function.R: color pallette attached to all scripts with specific colors


  • demo_plots.R : plots
  • demo_plots_fn_lapply.R more plots using lapply R function
  • ggplot_normalized.R : hacks around annoying ggplot things and produces charts normalized by specified subgroups
  • numeric_data_plots.R : plots for numeric data types
  • point_plots_fn.R: point plots

Miscellaneous - Isochrones

  • : script for hotspot analysis (multiple isochrones)
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