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amazon-mws (Amazon Marketplace Web Service)

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This API supported Amazon Marketplace Web Service(MWS)'s standard REST-style API that accepts/returns JSON requests and Here is the API reference, Click Here

You can testify API through without any installation.

It does supports EcmaScript 8, TypeScript, async-await, Promises, Callback !
It does also supports for AWS Lambda like serverless cloud function call.
It supports pure JSON response.
All methods support Promise and Callback both.
Please Feel free to create Issue for any help !
All developers/contributors are requested to open Pull Request/Merge Request on development branch. Please make sure Test Cases be passed.


npm install amazon-mws --save

Pull Request

  • Contributors can send their Pull Request to development branch.
  • Kindly validate test cases & linting before opening new PR.

Do you need an expert?

Are you finding a developer for your world-class product? If yes, please contact here. Submit your project request here. Originally by Bhushankumar L.


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