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Voice Assistant

News! The project has been split into three modules:

  • backend - the core module of the project
  • plugins - the default set of built-in plugins
  • webapp - an administration/system-panel


The "Voice Consultant" / Assistant is a project which aims to provide a system which works only by voice input provided by the user.

The system is able to recognize and analyse the speech of an user (hot word listening) and to react with different kind actions (depending on what a user provided).

For example, a user is able to ask for the current time or the current weather simply by saying the keywords "current date" or "current weather".

Commands / Keywords

Keyword How the system responds
Hello Simple speech recognition test, "Hello User"
Date The current date and time
Status The available network interfaces which starts with "192."
Weather The weather from OpenWeatherMap
... more to come


This project heavily relies on gradle/spring/boot/jpa/java/etc and overall java ecosystem.

  • Clone this repository:
    • git clone

    • run ./gradlew backend:bootRun for the standalone-assitant

    • run ./gradlew webapp:bootRunfor the standalone-assistant and the administration-panel

    • run ./gradlew backend:jar for compiling the default plugins

    • run ./gradlew tasks for listing every task in this project

    • run ./gradlew clean for deleting all the files build from compilation/etc.


You can use the web-application to administrate your voice-system. It lists all the installed plugins, and some details about system properties.

Used web-frameworks:

  • JQuery 3.3.1
  • Popper 1.14.6
  • Bootstrap 4.0.0



This project contains the plug-in management api and implementations of serviceloaders in order to provide plug-in mechanisms and a set of implementations of the previously mentioned commands. It is based on the Java Service-Loader API.

In order to load your own plug-ins into the backend, just provide a jar with implementations of the org.owls.voice.plugins.api.PlugInInterface.

Remember to put a service-descriptor containing your implementations in the resources <project>\src\main\resources\META-INF\services\org.owls.voice.plugins.api.PlugInInterface - I recommend to peek into the plugins-project if you're interested in development.


The goal of the core is to provide an expendable system / platform for using a computer without using a keyboard, hands or even a monitor / display. The system provides speech recognition by CMU Sphinx, text-to-speech-synthesis provided by Mary-TTS. The overall architecture is based on mostly spring-related frameworks (alot).

Notes about Voice Recognition

As the FAQ of CMU Sphinx states: Speech recognition accuracy is not always great. To test speech recognition you need to run recognition on prerecorded reference database to see what happens and optimize parameters. More information about voice recognition at the CMU Sphinx FAQ

Usage on Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Raspian)

  • Install Oracle JDK 8
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-jdk java -version
  • clone this project to your raspberry pi
  • run ./gradlew webapp:bootRun in the checked out directory
  • visit the admin-panel via

Used Software / Libraries

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