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A Pocket Guide for Every Day’s Typographic Adventures

Typography is the craft of arranging type. We all are arranging type multiple times a day, when we are writing essays, summarizing a meeting or creating slides for the next presentation. Usually we think more about what we write than how we write it.

  1. Good typography makes us read. Good typography is utilitarian in that it should allow the reader to focus on the content, not the formatting. Ideally it goes unnoticed because it just makes sense.

  2. Good typography makes us feel. Good typography is emotional in that the choice of typeface can affect how a text is understood or perceived.

This little guide is for everyone who is facing typographic adventures or just wants to do things right. Mastering this craft will not only earn you the respect of the typo nerds, but eventually help you to get your message across more successfully.

I run this as an ongoing project, so please feel free to contribute on GitHub or give feedback via email or Twitter. It’s highly appreciated!

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