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AMP Twig Theme

AMP oriented theme for Twig template engine

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PHP >= 7.0


The easiest way to install this bundle is using Composer

$ composer require benatespina/amp-twig-theme


All the documentation is stored in the docs folder.

Show me the docs!


You can easily start a simple application based on Symfony framework to test the AMP Twig theme.

$ cd tests/Application
$ bin/console assets:install --symlink --relative
$ bin/console --docroot=public
$ open


This library follows Twig coding standards, so pull requests need to execute the Allocine's TwigCs. In order to simplify we provide a Composer script that wraps all the commands related with this process.

$ composer run-script cs

There is also a policy for contributing to this bundle. Pull requests must be explained step by step to make the review process easy in order to accept and merge them.


This theme is created by:

@benatespina - [email protected]

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