Git Draw

Allows you to draw in your github heatmap
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Git Draw1,981
5 years ago8mitJavaScript
Allows you to draw in your github heatmap
Defect Density Heatmap19
12 years ago4October 12, 2011mitRuby
Tool for generating tag clouds on your codebase in order to determine churn.
Commit Flooder12
3 months agoShell
A hack to get a nice github commit heatmap :)
a year agomitPython
Write text on the GitHub contribution heatmap by autogenerating commits
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Git Draw

Allows you to draw in your GitHub heatmap


Created by Ben Friedland -

This is a Chrome extension which will allow you to freely draw on your GitHub heatmap. You can then export your drawing to a script containing a git commit log. Once you've run and pushed this script to a new repository, your commit log will match the drawing you made.

Download the extension here:

Instructional Video

My Brother, Rich Friedland, made a comprehensive video on how to use the extension.

Why not a bookmarklet?

Because CSP. GitHub's CSP policy makes a bookmarklet next to impossible. There's a workaround involving injecting code into a canvas and then executing it from there, but that feels like something that'll be fixed. A Chrome extension makes it easier. Once you're done making your drawing, just uninstall the extension.


GitFiti: gelstudios/gitfiti - got the idea from here, and poked around their src to see how they were writing commit messages.

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