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Awesome Open Source


Replacement software for cheap chinese DIY led clock based on STC15W404AS MCU


Compiler of choice is sdcc, avaliable on virually every platform. As my development envirnoment is based on Linux, this is the only OS currently tested.

Simply go into src directory, run make and you should get stc15clock.hex ready to be flashed onto MCU.


There are currently two hardware revisions supported, but further compile-time configuration has to be made in src\stc15_display.h. For display to function correctly you need to specify how common display pin should be driven (LOW or HIGH state).

  • rev.A - integrated 4 digit display, without transistors for driving the display - COMMON_PIN_ACTIVE_STATE = 1
  • rev.B - 4 single digits displays, with transistors present - COMMON_PIN_ACTIVE_STATE = 0

Schematics for both revisions are avaliable in docs folder.


I'm using stcgal ( for uploading code to the device

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