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Bazel Proposals and Design Documents

This is an index of all proposals and design documents for Bazel.


New proposals follow the design process and are sent for review on the bazel-dev mailing list.

State diagram of the design process

State diagram of the design process


Under review

Last updated Title Author(s) alias Category
2021-03-06 OSS License Declarations @aiuto Product
2021-03-06 Remote Persistent Workers @ulfjack Remote Execution
2021-02-18 Toolchainifying proto rules @Yannic Protobuf
2021-02-10 Remote Output Service: place bazel-out/ on a FUSE file system @EdSchouten Remote Execution
2020-10-19 Bazel External Dependencies Overhaul @meteorcloudy, @philwo, @Wyverald External Repositories


Last updated Title Author(s) alias Category
2020-10-09 Adding http mirror to accelerate repos downloading @yancl External Repositories


Last updated Title Author(s) alias Category
2021-06-09 Aspects Propagating other Aspects @messa Starlark
2021-04-22 Custom constructors for providers @brandjon Build Language
2021-03-24 Java common refactoring @comius Java rules
2021-02-15 External directory reshuffling @lberki External Repositories
2021-02-15 Rules for software license compliance @aiuto License Rules, Bazel
2021-02-15 C++ rules skylark migration plan @mhlopko C++
2020-12-22 Injecting Starlark Values Into Builtins @brandjon Starlark
2020-05-13 Execution Platforms vs. Strategies @katre and @aragos Configurability
2019-07-11 Load Bazel Protobuf rules from @rules_proto @Yannic Protobuf
2019-05-08 Android Native to Starlark Migration @timpeut Android
2018-08-14 Decoupling android_ndk_repository from Bazel @jin Android
2018-07-31 Splitting large BEP events @buchgr Build Event Protocol


Last updated Title Author(s) alias Category
2021-02-18 Require ProtoInfo for proto_lang_toolchain#blacklisted_protos @Yannic Protobuf
2021-02-16 Selecting Between Python 2 and 3 @brandjon Python
2021-02-16 Remote Downloads @EricBurnett, @jmillikin, @sstriker External Repositories
2021-02-16 Starlark Directory Expansion in Args MapEach @haileiyu Starlark
2021-02-16 Test execution on Windows without Bash @laszlocsomor Windows
2021-02-15 Toolchain resolution using configuration flags @comius Configurability
2021-02-15 Configured Query Starlark Output @c-parsons Configurability, Starlark
2021-02-15 Proposal: new format ‘flag_per_line’ for Args @vmaverick Starlark
2021-02-15 cquery somepath: easy mode @gregestren Configurability
2021-02-15 Automatically migrating maven_jar to rules_jvm_external @jin External Repositories
2021-02-15 Target-level execution properties @agoulti Configurability
2021-02-15 Bazel Starlark API: add ctx.resolve_tools @laszlocsomor Starlark
2021-02-15 Auto-configured Host Platform @katre Configurability
2021-02-15 Multiplex persistent worker @borkaehw Bazel
2021-02-15 Starlark Build Configuration @juliexxia, @gregestren Configurability
2021-02-15 Crosstool in Skylark @scentini, @mhlopko C++
2021-02-15 Extensibility For Native Rules @dslomov Starlark
2021-02-15 Declared Providers @dslomov, @laurentlb Starlark
2021-02-15 Java Platformization @comius Configurability
2021-02-15 Starlark Shorthand Flag Mapping @WarkahScott Configurability
2021-02-15 Measuring Configuration Overhead @gregestren Configurability
2021-02-15 Action Groups (Multi-Toolchain Resolution) @juliexxia Configurability
2021-02-15 Common Bazel Constraints @gregestren Configurability
2021-02-15 Starlark Build Configurations - Parameterized-Transitions API @juliexxia Configurability
2021-02-15 Partial C++ Starlark API @oquenchil C++
2021-02-15 Crosstool in Skylark @mhlopko C++
2021-02-15 Shrinking the Bazel binary @buchgr, @meistert Bazel
2021-02-15 External C/C++ libraries rules @ichern Bazel
2021-02-15 Bazel Runfiles Libraries @laszlocsomor Bazel
2021-02-15 Name resolution @laurentlb Starlark
2020-10-28 Keepalived remote execution @coeuvre Remote Execution
2020-09-30 Toolchain Transition Migration @katre Configurability
2020-09-30 Toolchain Transitions @katre Configurability
2020-09-30 Passing Toolchain Context across Dependencies @katre Configurability
2020-05-13 Execution Transitions @katre Configurability
2020-05-13 Old Flags to Platform Migration @aragos Configurability
2019-12-20 Incompatible Target Skipping @AustinSchuh, @gregestren Configurability
2019-12-17 cquery somepath: easy mode @gregestren Configurability
2019-12-17 Exposing Target Platform Constraints @katre Configurability
2019-10-24 Visibility for source files @aehlig Build API
2019-04-22 Move //tools/build_defs/pkg to rules_pkg @aiuto Bazel
2019-05-10 Bazel with NPM package manager @ichern External Repositories
2019-05-27 Authentication for @aehlig External Repositories
2019-04-29 Forcing non-cache-hits in the repository cache @aehlig External Repositories
2019-04-05 Handling download failures @aehlig External Repositories
2018-12-14 Versioned Documentation @jin Documentation
2018-11-26 Update Download Functions in repository_ctx @dkelmer External Repositories
2018-11-14 Platform Inheritance @katre Configurability
2018-11-09 Config Setting Chaining @gregestren Configurability
2018-10-29 Progress reporting for external repositories @aehlig External Repositories
2018-11-10 Symlinks in Remote Execution @buchgr Remote Execution
2018-08-27 Args Directory Support @tomlu Starlark
2018-08-20 Skylark API to the C++ toolchain @mhlopko C++
2018-08-03 Skyframe threading model @tomlu Skyframe
2018-07-13 Bazel hashing of external directory output @aehlig External Repositories
2018-05-24 Unified Configuration Transitions @gregestren Configurability
2018-04-26 Per-Rule Execution Platform Constraints @katre Configurability
2017-10-06 Dynamic Bazel Configurations @gregestren Configurability
2017-03-03 Label-keyed String Dictionary Type for Build Attributes @serynth Configurability
2017-01-20 Aspect required providers @tomlu, @dslomov Starlark
2017-01-20 Aspects-on-aspects @dslomov Starlark
2016-10-18 Invalidation of remote repositories @damienmg External Repositories
2016-10-11 Distribution Artifact for Bazel @aehlig Release
2016-09-30 Central cache for external repositories @jin External Repositories
2016-09-05 Building Python on Windows @meteorcloudy Python, Windows
2016-06-21 Specifying environment variables @aehlig Bazel
2016-06-02 Sandboxing @philwo Bazel
2016-05-26 Implementing Beautiful Error Messages (Loading Phase) @laurentlb Bazel
2016-05-23 Beautiful error messages @laurentlb Bazel
2016-04-18 Parameterized Skylark Aspects @dslomov, lindleyf Starlark
2016-02-16 Generating C++ crosstool with a Skylark Remote Repository @damienmg Toolchains
2015-07-02 Skylark Remote Repositories @damienmg External repositories


Last updated Title Author(s) alias Category
2021-02-16 Semantics of the expansion of Labels @aehlig External Repositories
2021-02-16 Propagate tags from the targets to actions @ishikhman Bazel, Starlark
2021-02-16 Remote Repository Cache jmillikin External Repositories
2021-02-16 Moving Skylark out of Bazel @brandjon Starlark
2021-02-16 Dependency Discovery Proposal @stevebillings External Repositories
2021-02-16 s/skydoc/stardoc/g: a plan @jin Documentation
2021-02-16 Experimental Content-Based Output Paths @gregestren Configurability
2021-02-15 Managing Breaking Changes in Bazel @dslomov Community
2021-02-15 Separating Build API from Bazel @c-parsons Starlark
2021-02-15 Improved Command Line Reporting @cvcal Bazel
2021-02-15 Bazel External Dependencies Roadmap @dslomov External Repositories
2021-02-15 Aspects Propagating Other Aspects @lberki Build API
2021-02-15 Mandatory load() statements in BUILD files @lberki Starlark
2021-02-15 Visibility for implicit attributes @aehlig Build API
2021-02-15 Structured Compiler Diagnostics @illicitonion Build Event Protocol, Build API
2021-02-15 Replacing native <lang>_proto_library rules with Starlark @Yannic Protobuf
2021-02-15 Always dirty repository rules @ichern External Repositories
2021-02-15 Design for a Python Toolchain @brandjon Python
2021-02-15 Bazel Federation @dslomov, @laurentlb Community
2021-02-15 On custom shell toolchain for Bazel Starlark rules @ichern Toolchains, Starlark
2021-02-15 Recursive Workspaces @aehlig External Repositoires
2021-02-15 Resource auto-tuning via flags @jmmv Performance
2021-02-15 Repository Remapping Revisited @dkelmer External Repositories
2021-02-15 Bazel Rules Curation @laurentlb Community
2021-02-15 Extending the design of WORKSPACE files @aehlig, @dslomov External Repositories
2021-02-15 Namespaces when using multiple bazel repositories @aehlig, @dslomov External Repositories
2021-02-15 Delaying of load statements @aehlig External Repositories
2021-02-15 Repository rules with multiple return values @aehlig External Repositories
2021-02-15 Diamond Splitting for External Repositories @dslomov External Repositories
2021-02-15 Output Map Madness @brandjon Starlark
2021-02-15 External Repositories: The Future @aehlig, @dslomov External Repositories
2021-02-15 A Brave New World for the Bazel WORKSPACE File @mattmoor, @dslomov, @davidstanke, @damienmg External Repositories
2021-02-15 Garbage Collection for the Repository Cache @aehlig External Repositories
2021-02-15 Saner Skylark Sets @dslomov Starlark
2021-02-15 Customizing the Python Stub Template @brandjon Python
2021-02-15 HTTP downloads with Authorization using .netrc @genrym External Repositories
2021-02-15 Package Validation Proposal @kkress Bazel, Starlark
2020-10-19 Adding a constraint to default target platform @comius Configurability
2020-09-30 Bazel Constraint Equality @aragos Configurability
2020-09-30 Versioned Runtime APIs under Platforms & Toolchains @aragos Configurability
2020-01-16 Starlark project files @robbertvanginkel Bazel, Starlark
2019-08-22 Non-Hermetic Tool Paths in Platforms @aragos Configurability
2019-08-01 Platforms and Strategies @katre Configurability, Execution Strategy
2018-06-14 Platforms and Configurations @katre C++, Starlark
2016-09-19 Recursive WORKSPACE file parsing @kchodorow External Repositories
2015-03-06 bazel init a.k.a ./configure for Bazel @damienmg Bazel

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