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Wallace CLI

Pretty CSS analytics in your terminal.

NPM Version Project: Wallace


npm install -g wallace-cli
# or
yarn global add wallace-cli


  $ wallace

  --format, -f Format pretty (default) or JSON
  --verbose, -v Show verbose analytics output

  $ wallace
  $ wallace 'body { color: red; }'
  $ echo 'html { font-size: 16px; }' | wallace
  $ wallace 'html {}' --format=json
  $ cat style.css | wallace --verbose
  $ curl http://localhost/css/style.css | wallace

Example output

Example output for

Related projects

  • Extract CSS - Extract all CSS from a given url, both server side and client side rendered. Used in this module.
  • CSS Analyzer - The analyzer that powers this module
  • Constyble - A CSS complexity linter, based on css-analyzer. Don't let your CSS grow beyond the thresholds that you provide.

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