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✂️🌍 NgxTranslateCut Pipe

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Angular pipe for cutting translations ✂️ 🌍 (plugin for @ngx-translate)

Angular 13, Ivy and Angular Universal (SSR) compatible

Here's the demo or stackblitz live preview


  1. Make sure you have @ngx-translate library installed, because this is its plugin

  2. Use yarn (or npm) to install the package

npm install ngx-translate-cut # For Angular 13. See compatibility table.

Choose the version corresponding to your Angular version:

Angular ngx-translate-cut Install
13 (ivy only) 3.x npm install ngx-translate-cut
12 (ivy only) 2.x npm install [email protected]
>= 5 < 13 1.x npm install [email protected]
  1. Add NgxTranslateCutModule into your module imports (usually app.module.ts file)
  import { NgxTranslateCutModule } from 'ngx-translate-cut';

   // ...
   imports: [
     // ...



Strings are separated with | (pipe sign) ...but you can choose your own symbol

File assets/i18n/en.json

  "demo": "This is only one 'translate string' with | strong text | and | links"

Example code

In your template use translateCut:<number> pipe right after translate pipe from @ngx-translate library.

{{ 'demo' | translate | translateCut:0 }}

<strong> {{ 'demo' | translate | translateCut:1 }} </strong>

{{ 'demo' | translate | translateCut:2 }}

<a href="#"> {{ 'demo' | translate | translateCut:3 }} </a>


This is only one 'translate string' with strong text and links


If you are not satisfied with the basic settings of the separator (which is |), you can choose your own separator

  import { NgxTranslateCutModule } from 'ngx-translate-cut';

   // ...
   imports: [
     // ...
      // Your separator in translation strings will be `*`
      separator: '*'




Older Angular


Failed to compile.

./node_modules/ngx-translate-cut/fesm2015/ngx-translate-cut.mjs 17:18-28 Can't import the named export 'Injectable' from non EcmaScript module (only default export is available)


You are probably trying to use this library with an older version of Angular version (Angular 5 – 11).

Install copmatibility version instead:

yarn add [email protected] # for angular 5 – 11

Development (notes for me)

Publish Stable

yarn release:patch
# yarn release:minor
# yarn release:major

Publish next channel

  1. Bump version -next.0 in package.json
  2. yarn publish:next


Copyright © 2021 Lukas Bartak

Proudly powered by nature 🗻, wind 💨, tea 🍵 and beer 🍺 ;)

All contents are licensed under the MIT license.


If this project have helped you save time please consider making a donation for some 🍺 or 🍵 ;)

Thanks to

Original idea comes from: @yuristsepaniuk in this thread.

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