Clock Tree Synthesis Gui

A Graphical User Interface for data visualization for clock tree synthesis
Alternatives To Clock Tree Synthesis Gui
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2 days ago81gpl-3.0Python
A C-like hardware description language (HDL) adding high level synthesis(HLS)-like automatic pipelining as a language construct/compiler feature.
6 months agootherVerilog
A dual clock asynchronous FIFO written in verilog, tested with Icarus Verilog
Blip Buf5
3 years agolgpl-2.1C++
Automatically exported from
Timing Driven Variation Aware Clock Mesh Synthesis4
8 years agootherVerilog
Timing-Driven Variation-Aware Clock Mesh Synthesis Environment; programmed in Perl and TCL scripts
4 years agoC++
Arduino library to control the AD9851 Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) chip or module.
3 years agoVerilog
Clock Tree Synthesis Gui1
6 years agoPython
A Graphical User Interface for data visualization for clock tree synthesis
a year agoVHDL
4 years agoVHDL
2 years agoHTML
Designed to fit the faceplate of a Hexinverter SympleSeq E2 faceplate from Re:Synthesis
Alternatives To Clock Tree Synthesis Gui
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A Graphical User Interface for data visualization for clock tree synthesis Authors: Jacob Baron and Scott Lerner

How to Use: In order to use this program, you'll need a .im file formatted correctly. For now, in order to chose the file, you'll need to rename the "filename" variable. This variable can be found immediately after the Linked List Class declaration.

In addition to changing the variable name, you'll also need to change one more item-- the "padding" variable (This will not be necessary in a future release of this software). The padding variable is used to help the program determine how many nodes lack certain attributes (ie, left child, right child, original permissible region, permissible region, and distance).

Refer to the comments within the code if you have any issues.

Features: Graphical User Interface for plotting of .im files for clock tree synthesis, Search feature for finding nodes more easily, Display feature to print relevent information of the nodes into a window and circle the node in the plot, Clear feature that removes the detailed node information and any circled nodes in the plot, Zoom feature now available for plot

Future Work: Add return support for the search bar

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