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L trnh hc Machine Learning, Deep Learning cho ngi mi bt u

Ti tng hc Machine Learning trong vng 2 thng v ti tin bn cng c th lm c.

L trnh s gip bn nm chc cng ngh ny t c bn n nng cao, xy dng Machine Learning model t python thun cho n cc th vin cao cp nh TensorFlow hay Keras. i su phn tch bn cht vn l gi tr ct li ca kha hc ny.

P/S: Hy li 1 star team c ng lc xut bn cc phn tip theo v cng ng qun chia s ti bn b ca bn.

Ti l Founder ProtonX v VietAI H Ni, ti sn xut ni dung gip cng ng hc AI. :D

Ngy 10/12/2019, sau 2 vng phng vn, Google chnh thc cng nhn ti l Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning u tin ti Vit Nam.

Tm ti y.

Video gii thiu v Machine Learning:

Machine Learning Introduction

Gii thiu v thnh tu v mc tiu ca VietAI ti y.

Xem ti trn Youtube

Mc lc

12. [Video] AI c bn + Luyn thi chng ch Tensorflow

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