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Rails Style Guide6,342
8 days ago15
A community-driven Ruby on Rails style guide
Rubocop Rails6855373803 days ago63July 07, 2022140mitRuby
A RuboCop extension focused on enforcing Rails best practices and coding conventions.
5 months ago733October 14, 20223apache-2.0Ruby
SOULs 🔥 Build Serverless Apps faster like Rails. Powered by Ruby GraphQL, Active Record, RSpec, RuboCop, and Google Cloud.
Rails Base189
a year ago15Ruby
Skeleton for new Rails based projects.
8 days ago116mitRuby
Expertiza is a web application through which students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, web sites, etc). The Expertiza project is supported by the National Science Foundation.
Kitsu Server171
a month ago27apache-2.0Ruby
:steam_locomotive: Rails API server for Kitsu
120 hours ago29January 31, 20233mitRuby
Business Actions architecture for Rails apps
Rubocop Rails_config1456463a month ago96August 12, 20222mitRuby
RuboCop configuration which has the same code style checking as official Ruby on Rails.
Devise Doorkeeper Cancan Api Example124
6 years agoRuby
rails 4, rails-api, devise, doorkeeper, oauth, cancancan, rspec, puma, vcr, factory_girl, reqres_rspec, pg, dotenv, rack-cors, active_model_serializers, rubocop
Rubocop Linter Action81
3 years agon,ullmitRuby
Rubocop Linter Action: A GitHub Action to run Rubocop against your code!
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  • Admin panel at admin/ url
  • Multiple OAuth provider supported
  • Multi-course design
  • Material upload or by remote url
  • Rank by course or in all


sudo apt install imagemagick
sudo apt install libmysqlclient-dev

Ruby and Rails versions

Ruby 2.4.0 or newer Rails 5.2.0 or newer


bundle install
rake db:migrate


rails server

See on http://localhost:3000

First registered user will be admin


Setup application config

Remove config/credentials.yml.enc

Reference config/credentials.yml.example and run rails credentials:edit to edit your application config

rm config/credentials.yml.enc
rails credentials:edit

Example config

# rake secret
secret_key_base: 73fd0783500cc42096f163859b5062376ccb90416a9bf920c89e43981986493029d20b58e088fc04444d571829381aa5e246ce364b9c16830128eb10757e65a9
mailer_sender: [email protected]
password: password
facebook_id: facebook_id
facebook_secret: facebook_secret
github_id: github_id
github_secret: github_secret
google_id: google_id
google_secret: google_secret
nctu_id: nctu_id
nctu_secret: nctu_secret

Setup seed data and compile assets

bundle install
RAILS_ENV=production rake assets:precompile


Run RuboCop

rake rubocop

Auto-correct RuboCop offenses

rake rubocop:auto_correct

Run Rails Best Practice

rake rails_best_practices

Format erb files

find . -name '*.erb' | xargs htmlbeautifier
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