All about the Backstage community (Meetups, Sessions etc.)

Backstage Community

Welcome to the Backstage community!

Here you will find ways to engage with the community join meetups, sign up for newsletters, catch up on podcasts, talks, and so many other things happening around Backstage.

For support or more immediate technical discussions, join us in Discord.


Backstage Community Sessions, hosted by Spotify

Backstage Users Unconference, hosted by Roadie and Frontside

Backstage Users Unconference is a quarterly get-together of users sharing their experiences working with Backstage in their teams and insights about the ecosystem's plugins. Show up and suggest topics on the day.




Case Studies

  • American Airlines Runway, Part 1 / Part 2 - CantonCoders: The Developer Experience @ American Airlines driven by Spotify Backstage
  • Expedia Group MVP - How Expedia Group defined their Backstage vision and success metrics and built a Backstage MVP to satisfy them.
  • Lunar Bank - Adopting Backstage into a 40 person engineering team.


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