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Deno Crypto

A collection of useful cryptographic algorithms written in Typescript.

This project is still in an early stage of development. Expect breaking changes.

Supported algorithms

Block ciphers

Message Authentication Code algorithms (MACs)

Key Derivation Functions (KDFs)



import { Aes } from "";
import { Cbc, Padding } from "";

const te = new TextEncoder();

const key = te.encode("SuperDuperSecret");
const data = te.encode("DataToBeEncrypted");
const iv = new Uint8Array(16);

// Ciphers have an internal state, you should therefore create
// separate ciphers for encryption and decryption
const cipher = new Cbc(Aes, key, iv, Padding.PKCS7);
const decipher = new Cbc(Aes, key, iv, Padding.PKCS7);

const encrypted = cipher.encrypt(data);
const decrypted = decipher.decrypt(encrypted);


This repository has not yet received any formal cryptographic and security reviews. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

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