Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

* Right now I declare this project as dead *

15/4/2018 Hi friends, Sorry i didn't looked at the issues but at this time I have lot of things in my school, I promised to update the code and fix the issues (2 months)

Instahack (Instabrute)



The script is not compatible with Android yet!

Please dont open a new issue before you search if issue already exists

Please open issue with clear name

How to use

First install all the required modules
pip install argparse requests PySocks asyncio proxybroker
Run the script
//Example: "python username passwords.txt"

Todo List

  • [x] Finish the base
  • [ ] Proxy things improvement


  1. argparse
  2. requests
  3. PySocks
  4. asyncio
  5. proxybroker


[*] Hack instagram accounts use bruteforce

alt tag

* 21/2/2018 Update - The whole code has been rewritten

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