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Automerge is a library of data structures for building collaborative applications in JavaScript.

Please see for documentation.


If you're using npm, npm install automerge. If you're using yarn, yarn add automerge. Then you can import it with require('automerge') as in the example below (or import * as Automerge from 'automerge' if using ES2015 or TypeScript).

Otherwise, clone this repository, and then you can use the following commands:

  • yarn install installs dependencies.
  • yarn test runs the test suite in Node.
  • yarn run browsertest runs the test suite in web browsers.
  • yarn build creates a bundled JS file dist/automerge.js for web browsers. It includes the dependencies and is set up so that you can load through a script tag.


Copyright 20172021, the Automerge contributors. Released under the terms of the MIT license (see LICENSE).

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