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That this project will be created by the SOC/Incident Response Community

  • Develop a Catalog of Incident Response Playbook for every MITRE Technique (Keep in mind it won't work for some tactics).
  • Develop a Catalog of Incident Response Playbook for uncommon incidents.
  • Develop JSON Setup for Playbooks
  • Develop a Catalog of Exercise Scenarios that can be used for training purposes.
  • Develop a Catalog of tools used for Incident Response [Plus Reviews for the different tools].
  • Develop a Catalog of Incident Response Automations.
  • Develop a Catalog of Checklists [For Before, During, After Incidents].
  • Develop a Catalog of Roles that a organization can use, to build their own program.
  • Develop a Catalog of Event Codes and API Actions that you can/will see in a SIEM Detections.
  • Develop a Card Game based on MITRE Attack and the IR phases that help resolve it.
  • Develop a Battle Card Book, that can be reference for immediate help during a incident.

For every pull request submitted a issue must also be created.

Immediate Goals/Projects



Planning on Adding Photos later



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