Automatically organizes pictures and videos based on taken dates and GPS coordinates.
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Sunrisesunsetlib Java2525216 years ago2December 17, 201425apache-2.0Java
Library for computing the sunrise/sunset from GPS coordinates and a date, in Java.
5 years agomitJava
AndroidEasyUtils is a simple android library that contains some utils method which is much more needed when working in any android project. Categories are - Validators, Dialog, Progress Dialog, Connectivity, Date Time, Bitmaps, HashMap and Others.
Ruby Serialgps14
6 years ago3Ruby
Provides an easy API to get GPS data from your serial GPS module.
14 days agogpl-3.0C++
Photo geotagging program
2 days agogpl-3.0Python
python3 module for downloading and maintaining files from gmax server on local machine.
2 years agoJava
3 days ago41Kotlin
App showing the latest hearthquake event from USGS site.
6 years agogpl-3.0Shell
Automatically organizes pictures and videos based on taken dates and GPS coordinates.
3 years agomitJavaScript
Applications Mazda
7 years agoC++
iOS for FCSProjectAirMap
Alternatives To Pictureorganizer
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This script organizes your pictures and videos based on the embedded meta data like Dates and GPS Coordinates. Basically, takes a bunch of pictures and videos as seen on the first picture, and classifies them as seen on the second picture.

alt tag


  • Supports Windows and Mac OS, yet Mac binaries are not included in the repo.
  • Supports most common picture and video formats. (More can be supported with little tweaks)
  • Supports meta tag substitution if one is not available. (e.g. if DateTimeOriginal tag is not available, uses MediaCreateDate, if not uses CreateDate)
  • Uses Google Maps API for reverse GeoCoding. (Converts GPS data [48.858494, 2.294486] to readable name [Eiffel Tower, Paris, France].
  • Supports GPS data in different meta tags.
  • Supports different geographical area categories for different countries. (Uses higher level geographic names for smaller countries, lower level geographic names for larger countries.)
  • Provides a Geocode cache, to reduce online Google API calls.
  • Supports metadata side-files like (*.aae files) and relocates them to appropriate folders together with their underlying media file.
  • Sanitizes geographical names for unsupported charaters by the OS.
  • Debug and error logs are available.


  • ExifTool (Windows executable comes with the repo)
  • jq (Windows executable comes with the repo)

Quick Start

  • Clone this repo.
  • You will need to install MSYS on Windows (If you don't use Git For Windows already.)
  • Just add pictures to UnorganizedFiles folder.
  • Run the script like ./OrganizeAllPictures.v35.sh
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