Visualize data in the terminal
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a month ago1January 19, 202152gpl-3.0Go
Tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file.
Termgraph2,9845145 months ago18September 04, 202139mitPython
a python command-line tool which draws basic graphs in the terminal
Asciigraph2,2627743 months ago19June 23, 202311bsd-3-clauseGo
Go package to make lightweight ASCII line graph ╭┈╯ in command line apps with no other dependencies.
Asciichart1,656841432 months ago47August 17, 202021mitPython
Nice-looking lightweight console ASCII line charts ╭┈╯ for NodeJS, browsers and terminal, no dependencies
Ervy1,574612a month ago8January 07, 20203mitJavaScript
Bring charts to terminal.
Termenv1,4851,1928 days ago44June 26, 202331mitGo
Advanced ANSI style & color support for your terminal applications
5 years ago1March 03, 20218mitGo
dead simple terminal plots from JSON data. single binary, no dependencies. linux, osx, windows.
11 years ago6C
beautiful charts in the terminal for static or streaming data
2 years ago5iscC
It's like cat, but for images.
Wunderbar570552 years ago15May 12, 2019mitJavaScript
Simple horizontal bar chart printer for your terminal
Alternatives To Termeter
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Visualize data in the terminal


termeter can visualize data in the terminal. Data can be passed by pipe or file.

$  seq 100 | awk 'BEGIN{OFS="\t"; print "x","sin(x)","cos(x)"}{x=$1/10; print x,sin(x),cos(x)}' | termeter


You can even draw charts from streaming data.

$ seq 300 | awk 'BEGIN{OFS="\t"; print "x","sin(x)","cos(x)"}{x=$1/10; print x,sin(x),cos(x); system("sleep 0.1")}' | termeter


$ go get github.com/atsaki/termeter/cmd/termeter

Input Data

You can input data with stdin or file.

$ cat data.txt | termeter
$ termeter data.txt

termeter can accept tabular data like CSV. Delimiter character can be specified with option '-d DELIMITER'. Default is tab.

Chart types

termeter supports following chart types.

  • LINE
    • Plot values as line plot
    • Bar chart of frequencies
  • CDF
    • Cumulative distribution function

By default, termeter choose chart type automatically from second line of data. If value is numeric LINE is choosed. Otherwise, COUNTER is choosed.

You can specify chart type with option -t TYPESTRING. nth character of TYPESTRING corresponds to nth chart type. Following charcters can be used.

  • l: LINE
  • c: COUNTER
  • d: CDF
  • other: auto

Example of chart types

$ (echo "line counter cdf"; seq 1 1000 | awk '{x=int(6*rand())+1; print x,x,x}') | termeter -d " " -t lcd -S numerical


Use case

It is useful to draw chart of resouce in the terminal. You can use tools like dstat.

$ dstat --cpu --output dstat.log > /dev/null &
$ tail -f -n +7 dstat.log | termeter -d ,



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