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##Microstate EEGlab toolbox

MST1.0 contains the newest stable version of the toolbox.

Extention for EEGlab, enabling microstate analysis in Matlab. Includes full GUI support and ability to run from command window.

The toolbox includes ability to run microstate analysis on both ERP and spontaneous (e.g. resting state) EEG, using the following clustering algorithms:

  • K-means.
  • Modified K-means.
  • Atomize and Agglomerate Hierarchical Clustering (AAHC)
  • Topographic Atomize and Agglomerate Hierarchical Clustering (TAAHC)
  • Variational Microstates

See our guide (or code documentation) for the full description of the toolbox as well as an introduction to the methods in microstate analysis:

Microstate1.0 is fixed to the guide (excluding hotfixes). The toolbox folder has been renamed to MST, which is the name it will be using on EEGlab's extention page. MST1.0 is functionally identical to Microstate1.0. A new version of MST will be created for future functional updates.

Please cite this toolbox as:

Poulsen, A. T., Pedroni, A., Langer, N., & Hansen, L. K. (2018). Microstate EEGlab toolbox: An introductory guide. bioRxiv.

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