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A simple inmemory job-queue manager for Python.



  • Written in Python only standard libraries
  • Job-queue manager without redis
  • Working for low-spec machines
  • Retry
  • Retry when network available
  • Scheduling


Python version >= 3.6 is required.

pip install queick


First, launch queick worker.

$ queick

Second, prepare a job file ( and an application (

import time
def function(arg):

from queick import JobQueue
from jobfunc import function
from time import time

q = JobQueue()
q.enqueue(function, args=("hello",))
q.enqueue_at(time() + 5, function, args=("world",)) # Run after 5 seconds

st = SchedulingTime()
st.every(minutes=1).starting_from(time.time() + 10)
q.cron(st, function, args=(1, 2,)) # Run after 10 seconds and every 1 minute

Third, run the application.

$ python

For more detailed information, please refer the documentation.

Retry on network available

Jobs inside the failed queue will be dequeued when the network status changes from disconnected to connected.

Some setups are needed to use the retry mode. First, launch queick worker with --ping-host options (details below).

$ queick --ping-host # Please prepare your own ping server, do not use this.

Second, pass an option to the method.

q.enqueue(function, args=("hello",), retry_on_network_available=True)


There are some options for queick worker.

name default description
-debug False if set, detailed logs will be shown
--ping-host None hostname for NetworkWatcher to check if the machine has the internet connection
--ping-port 80 port number for NetworkWatcher
--log-filepath None logfile to save all the worker log

An example usage is below:

$ queick -debug --ping-host


Unit test:

$ python -m unittest

Integration test:

$ docker build -t queick-test .
$ docker run --rm -it queick-test:latest


Build queick for development.

$ python develop


Deployed at

$ python sdist
$ twine upload dist/*

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