Flutter Firebase

Firebase with Google,Facebook,Email and Anonymous login which keeps track of your all jobs, various events, budget and many more .
Alternatives To Flutter Firebase
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Awesome Ionic807
2 years ago2cc0-1.0
An "awesome" list of Ionic resources
Ios Swift Chat Example680
5 years ago14Objective-C
FireChat implemented in Swift!
3 years ago21Java
Chat with features : Login with Google | Send Photo Camera | Send Photo Gallery | Send Location
Simple Static React Firebase419
2 years ago9mitJavaScript
Minimal boilerplate and configuration for the development of firebase websites with react & es6
React Native Starter Kit380
4 months ago14mitJavaScript
React Native Starter Kit with Firebase Auth and Facebook Login
Our E School373
2 years ago2mitDart
A mobile app created using Flutter Framework for School management.
3 years ago13Dart
A demo login app with Flutter and Firebae
Firebase Authentication Dotnet30335172 months ago30February 21, 202013mitC#
C# library for Firebase Authentication
Flutter Login Screen Firebase Auth Facebook Login294
5 months agoDart
Flutter Login Screen with Firebase Auth and Facebook Login
React Native Firebase287
a year ago11mitJavaScript
React Native Firebase Starter Project with Auth, Firestore, Storage and Push Notifications
Alternatives To Flutter Firebase
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💡 Google,Facebook,Email and Anonymous Login

Easy time tracking, keep track of your budget, handles new addition of job track and store all jobs tracking information in firestore.

👀 Samples:





🕓 Features:

  • ✅ Firebase Authentication (anonymous, email & password, Google, Facebook)
  • ✅ State Management: how to use setState, lifting state up via callbacks, global access, scoped access with Provider, BLoCs, ValueNotifier & ChangeNotifier
  • ✅ Streams, building reactive apps & advanced stream operations with RxDart
  • ✅ Forms, input handling and validation
  • ✅ Databases and Cloud Firestore
  • ✅ Working with Forms and Cloud Firestore
  • ✅ Working with ListViews and multiple UI states
  • ✅ Date & time pickers
  • ✅ Navigation

🔮 Packages Used

Packages Name Usage
firebase_auth Authentication
google_sign_in Google Authentication
flutter_facebook_login Facebook Login
provider State Management
cloud_firestore Flutter plugin for Cloud Firestore
rxdart Adds additional capabilities to Dart Streams and StreamControllers
intl Datetime Handling

🤝 Contributions

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome ! Feel free to check.

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