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We don't maintain this code base anymore. Current development takes place in liferay-labs/arquillian-liferay, so feel free to check it out!

Arquillian Liferay

Arquillian Extension for Liferay Portal Server. OSGi incontainer deployment.

What is this?

Arquillian extension for Liferay is a set of tools to help developers test their Liferay plugins.

It consists of:

  • Arquillian Remote Container for Liferay (OSGi based)
  • Arquillian Deployment Scenario Generator for OSGi SDK plugins based on BND
  • Arquillian Deployment Scenario Generator for legacy Maven plugins

How to use it?

We have defined a complete example of how to use it in arquillian-extension-liferay-example

##Build Status

Build Status

Testing Pull Requests

If you want any pull request you receive to be automatically tested by Travis CI, please set up your job directly in Travis.

  • Go to
  • Enable Travis for arquillian-extension-liferay Github repository
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Enable 'Build pull requests' option element.

With those simple steps pulls will be tested against one of the most popular Open Source CI systems nowadays.

Keeping Travis CI up-to-date

Anytime you add a dependency on the build system, verify that it is properly configured in the Travis CI descriptor, the .travis.yml file, so that pulls there don't get broken.

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