Oil Production Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimator
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Oil Production Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimator
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Oil Production Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimator

This is the repository for active scientific development of the OPGEE model. The OPGEE model is developed at Stanford University in the Environmental Assessment and Optimization group (https://eao.stanford.edu).

This repository contains beta software under active development. This beta software may not work in all conditions and can produce results that are different from those generated by stable OPGEE model versions. Do not cite, distribute, or further use results from these models.

For stable versions of the model as used in regulatory processes or cited in scientific papers, please consult the following resources:

OPGEE webpage: https://eao.stanford.edu/opgee-oil-production-greenhouse-gas-emissions-estimator

CARB webpage: https://www.arb.ca.gov/fuels/lcfs/crude-oil/crude-oil.htm

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