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Aragon Connect

a toolkit for developers to seamlessly integrate DAO functionality into apps.


Aragon Connect is still in active development and its API might change until it reaches 1.0.


// Connects to an organization.
const org = await connect('org.aragonid.eth', 'thegraph')

// Intents can be converted in a transaction.
const intent = await org.removeApp('0x…')

// Get the transactions for the intent with the current account
const transactions = await intent.transactions(wallet.address)

// Sign the generated transactions
for (const transaction of transactions) {
  await ethers.sendTransaction(transaction.toEthers())


Please have a look at the documentation website. If you never used the library before, we highly recommend starting with the Getting Started guide.


Name Description Size Version
@aragon/connect The main package. Contains connect().
@aragon/connect-react React API for Connect.
@aragon/connect-core Core library (used by connectors).
@aragon/connect-ethereum Ethereum connector (in progress − included in @aragon/connect).
@aragon/connect-thegraph TheGraph connector (included in @aragon/connect).
@aragon/connect-finance Connector for the Finance app.
@aragon/connect-tokens Connector for the Tokens app.
@aragon/connect-voting Connector for the Voting app.

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