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B18 Biomedical Modelling and Monitoring (A10589)
Wearables Practical Laboratory

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering,
Department of Engineering Science,
University of Oxford
Dr. Andrew P. Creagh
[email protected]

Lab Overview

The aim of this laboratory is to gain hand on experience with various different biomedical signals that can be collected from wearable sensors: electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG) and smartphone accelerometry. You will learn how to acquire, pre-process and analyse various sensor-based measurements from clinically recorded data. The goal of this lab is to understand the role of signal conditioning, how to choose suitable parameters of signal processing algorithms, and the various technological methodologies biomedical engineers have to understand diseases from wearable sensor data.

Downloading the Laboratory Files and Data

You can download the file directly from by clicking on the 'CODE'->'Download ZIP' tab above.

For those of you using github desktop or git you can alternatively clone the repository:
$ git clone

Once the lab files have been downloaded, unzip the content to your own MATLAB home directory (this is usually somewhere like: ~/user/Documents/MATLAB/). Type 'userpath' into the command window to find this.

Next, run the 'start_up.m' file to extract and unzip the data and files needed for the B18 lab. Follow the instructions given your lab sheet.


Completed lab reports can be submitted through

Last Modified:
HT 2022
Andrew Creagh

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