🍜 Minimizing food wastage by redistributing excess food from F&Bs to charities.
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FeedOn is a web application serves as a dual platform for F&Bs and charities to connect with one another. It aims to minimize food wastage by redistributing excess food from F&Bs to charities.

Watch the live demo for the application here, and view our team proposal here.


As we know, our world is battling high food wastage, widespread hunger and extensive food insecurity. These are all problems that directly affect the basic quality of life. Moreover, higher food wastage also means that we would need to build more waste disposal facilities, which leads to an unnecessary increase energy consumption.

However, by distributing these food leftovers to people who are unable to afford food on their own, we can alleviate their standard of living. So the value of this product is the possibility of solving all the mentioned problems, without even increasing the food output.


  • Food & Beverage organisations
  • Food Charities


  1. User Authentication
  2. Main Page
    1. Donation Matches
    2. Charities
    3. Restaurants
  3. Donation Form/Inbox


Project Advisor: Rashi Karanpuria, Google

  • Anusha Datta
  • Anh Huynh
  • Shengjing Zhang
  • Yew Onn Khaw

Dev Guide

This is a generated App Engine Standard Java application from the appengine-standard-archetype archetype.

See the Google App Engine standard environment documentation for more detailed instructions.


gcloud init
gcloud auth application-default login


Running locally

mvn appengine:devserver


mvn appengine:update


mvn verify

As you add / modify the source code (src/main/java/...) it's very useful to add unit testing to (src/main/test/...). The following resources are quite useful:

Updating to latest Artifacts

An easy way to keep your projects up to date is to use the maven [Versions plugin][versions-plugin].

mvn versions:display-plugin-updates
mvn versions:display-dependency-updates
mvn versions:use-latest-versions

Note - Be careful when changing javax.servlet as App Engine Standard uses 3.1 for Java 8, and 2.5 for Java 7.

Our usual process is to test, update the versions, then test again before committing back.

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