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Project Overview

In this project, we have to analyze a dataset and then communicate our findings about it. We will use the Python libraries NumPy, pandas, and Matplotlib to make your analysis easier.

What do I need to install? You will need an installation of Python, plus the following libraries:

  • pandas
  • NumPy
  • Matplotlib
  • csv

It will be recommend to installing Anaconda, which comes with all of the necessary packages, as well as IPython notebook.

Why this Project?

In this project, we have to go through the data analysis process and see how everything fits together. I have also use the Python libraries NumPy, pandas, and Matplotlib, which make writing data analysis code in Python a lot easier!

What I have learn?

After completing the project, I have learned following :

  • Know all the steps involved in a typical data analysis process
  • Be comfortable posing questions that can be answered with a given dataset and then answering those questions
  • Know how to investigate problems in a dataset and wrangle the data into a format you can use
  • Have practice communicating the results of your analysis
  • Be able to use vectorized operations in NumPy and pandas to speed up your data analysis code
  • Be familiar with pandas' Series and DataFrame objects, which let you access your data more conveniently
  • Know how to use Matplotlib to produce plots showing your findings
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