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Ant Design of Vue

npm package

An enterprise-class UI design language and Vue-based implementation.



  • An enterprise-class UI design language for web applications.
  • A high-quality Vue components based on superior Ant Design.
  • A npm + webpack + babel + Vue2.0 front-end development workflow.

Environment Support

  • Browser: Modern browsers and Internet Explorer 9+


Using npm

We recommend using npm or yarn to install,it not only makes development easier,but also allow you to take advantage of the rich ecosystem of javascript packages and tooling.

$ npm install antv --save

If you are in a bad network enviornment,you can try other registers and tools like cnpm.

Import in Browser

Add script and link tags in your browser and use the global variable antv.

We provide antv.js antv.css and antv.min.js antv.min.css under antv/dist in antv's npm package.


import Vue from 'vue'
import Antv from 'antv'
import 'antv/dist/antv.css'


new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  render() {
     return (<v-button type="primary">Primary</v-button>)


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