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Awesome Open Source

Video explanation:

Low Level System Design - Parking lot

Problem Statement

Check here

Project Requirements

  • JDK 1.8
  • Maven
  • For Unit Tests:
    • Junit 4
    • Mockito

Compiling/Building and running the unit tests

Go to the project root folder and then run: ./bin/

Runing the project

NOTE: Before running, please make sure you do the above setup step. Otherwise it will not run. The project can be run as follows in one of the two ways:

  1. Using file based input:: It accepts a filename as a parameter at the command prompt and read the commands from that file.
    ./bin/ <input_filepath>
    Example: ./bin/ ./file_input.txt
  2. Using file based input:: This will run the program in the interactive shell mode where commands can be typed in.

Further Enhancements:

  • Dependency injection: Currently dependencies are injected manually. We can use some dependency injection framework like spring.
  • Exit command: Exit command is currently coupled with interactive mode only which makes it non-reusable.
  • Parking strategy: Parking strategy is currently associated with ParkingLotService. Instead of that, it makes more sense to associate it with ParkingLot.
  • Mode: Mode checking is currently done in main function directly. There could be a factory for that.

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