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Exploitation Knife


Post-exploitation basically means the phases of operation once a victim's system has been compromised by the attacker.Powerexploit is a pentesting module contains scanning,remoting,post exploitation functionality,designed with the help of powershell scripting and .net functions.

Main Features

- Dumping hash 
-- Port Scan

How to use Powerexploit?


  • Run the install.ps1 file
 ~> .\install.ps1
  • Import the Powerexploit Module From Powerexploit folder
  ~> import-module -name Powerexploit.psm1
  • Get functions of Powerexploit
  ~> Get-command -module Powerexploit
  • Then Run any of functions from Powerexploit
  ~> Start-encodedcommand

Alt Text


If you want to contribute to this to this module , So You can contribute in following ways:

  • Report bugs
  • Add some code
  • Give suggestions to make it better
  • Fix issues & submit a pull request

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